About us

We are a small, independent hosting provider offering reliable and secure hosting solutions to our customers since 1999. Our reputation as a first class provider is built upon a first class service which maintains a 100% availability record based on checks every minute – that’s 1440 check each and every day. More importantly these checks are carried out by an independent company called alertra.com.

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High quality and highly available hosting doesn’t mean cutting corners – anywhere. You don’t achieve rock solid and secure hosting through buying hardware on eBay, using second-hand servers, or sub-server grade equipment. To maintain the highest levels of performance and security means investing in top of the range equipment. You won’t find any ‘budget’ servers or low end servers on our network. We only offer the highest quality servers available.

We maintain an all Cisco network – replacing hardware every 3 years to maintain our high levels of availability. Core routing is performed by Juniper MX960’s configured in a fully redundant pair with dual power supplies. Together with Cisco stackwise switches means we offer our customers unparalleled levels of availability – the kind of levels business expect. We offer only the very best hosting money can buy. With internet connectivity from NTT, GTT, Level 3 and Virgin Media. Our customers know their sites are always available and are always performing at their very best.

Our Infrastructure