Data Centre

All hardware is hosted in Gyron Centro. Centro is based on a modular design concept, where power, air-conditioning and communications equipment are flexibly expandable and the level of redundancy can be independently set for each server room.

The data centre is designed to provide a highly efficient cooling system that enables a customer to use up to 20kW per rack without any modifications to the cooling design or special placement of racks realising an industry leading PUE of 1.2.

Centro is designed and built to Uptime Institute Tier IV standards delivering redundant and resilient solutions to ensure maximum uptime for critical IT infrastructure


Every server employs dual APC master switches, eradicating issues such as unauthorized use of power outlets, locked-up equipment, in-rush current, overloaded circuits and the need for remote access to power outlets. These address these problems through individual outlet control, power on and off delays, current monitoring, alarm thresholds, and network management, ensuring consistent power without downtime or compromise.


Core routing is performed by a series of Juniper MX960 routers configured in a fully redundant pair with dual power supplies. All services are connected to the network at 40Gbps through four upstream providers (NTT, GTT, Level 3 and Virgin Media) provided by Gyron Internet Ltd.


Our network uses Cisco Catalyst 3850 switches. These switches provide exceptional performance and reliability for high performance servers and workstations. Exceptional reliability and serviceability are delivered with through the use of hot-swappable power supplies and hot-swappable fan tray with redundant fans.



Our self-defending network is built around adaptive security. Alarms are generated based on user-defined thresholds to alert users of potential circuit overloads and the system monitors network activity and application traffic to provide proactive threat mitigation to stop attacks before they spread.